It’s hard not to watch a movie you have paid for, it’s bad but you just are hoping it is going to get better? Then if it doesn’t, you feel like you just wasted a whole two or so hours feeling very unsatisfied, only having something to complain about or to write up a bad revue online. Then again did you check the revue’s in the first place, or were they misleading, was the commercial the best thing about it or the write up on the back of the DVD case?

Sometimes I think producers/ directors start to make a movie, know it’s going bad but they have so much money invested in it, they’ll do all they can to get you to watch it or at least hire the DVD. One can also argue, it’s a mater of taste, just because you don’t like it, somebody ell’s might think it’s the best thing ever. With new technology, algorithms, search engines, website programs creating a profile of your likes and dislikes, these days they seem to have good idea of what your taste’s are?

At the end of the day you still have a choice to eject the DVD or leave the cinema, but here’s hoping for more creative and inspirational ideas, so we can avoid being disappointed.

No commercials?

With paid TV and internet packages we can choose to watch commercial free. But what if there is a better deal on offer or a sale or a movie you might want to see at the cinema or an event going on in town, you might miss out?

You may also find yourself no longer watching the news, or local programing and current affairs, in some ways that’s a good thing, less stress in our life. Though one can find oneself walking out the front door wondering what’s going on, when everyone has just left town due to an approaching storm or impending alien invasion, finding ourselves in one of those movies we’ve been watching?


It seems most prehistoric creatures were a lot bigger once, as paleontologist still continue to dig up fossils of creatures such as penguin’s and eagle’s that were once as tall as people if not taller. Humans though seem to be bucking the trend and mainly getting bigger these days?

Smaller Newspaper

In many places your newspaper is getting smaller or less frequent, mainly due to the popularity of online media, providing you with the many apps and daily updated news articles. Though at work many still like to read the newspaper, with only one available in the staff cafeteria, staff do find shifty means in which they get hold of it during their 15 minuet tea break, stashing it in their locker first thing in the morning or strategically hiding it somewhere in the cafeteria? Yes it is mainly those who don’t have their cell phones on them or don’t use internet on their phones, that’s not many these days.

There are many reasons someone still likes to read a newspaper. Maybe it’s what they’re use to, or it’s more restful on the eyes? Like those who prefer to read a book with pages which is still extremely popular, despite there being less book shops on Main st, but I guess that is due to online shopping and delivery to your door.

Well the Mayor, he’s just set in his way’s, likes to read his newspaper whilst drinking his cup of tea with a piece of cake or a biscuit.